Computer Shortcut Keys For A to Z Competitive Exams

By | June 9, 2021

Computer shortcut keys a to z | shortcut keys list | 100+ computer shortcut keys | Ribbon Short cut key

All of computer short cut keys in competitive exams.

Computer short keys | Computer Shortcut keys

 This is  very very useful in all type of  competitive exams in Computer Section. Because, In today’s age of technology it is very important to have knowledge about computers. And in all the competitive examinations held for every government job, many questions are asked from the computer Section. Here are some computer shortcut keys that will be useful in every exam. Which will definitely be useful in all types of competitive exams. And to make it very easy to find the shortcut key you need, here is a search bar option in which you can easily find the shortcut key you need…. 

Short-Cut-Keys,Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z,100 shortcut keys,Computer shortcut keys list

Search your short cut keys

અમારી સાથે જોડાઓ


Short Cut Key Functions                        Answer                            
Save Ctrl + S
Copy Ctrl + C
Cut Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Print Ctrl + P
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Hyperlink Ctrl + K
Find Ctrl + F
Bold Ctrl + B
Italics Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Align Left paragraph Ctrl + L
Align Right paragraph Ctrl + R
Align Center paragraph Ctrl + E
Justify paragraph Ctrl + J
Select All Ctrl + A
Go to line or word in document
Ctrl + G
Cut selected item Shift + Del
Help (all programs) F1
Copy selected item Ctrl + Ins
Switch open application Alt + Tab
Screen shot current programs Alt + Print Screen
Minimize all windows WINKey + M
Desktop bring top of other windows WINKey + D
Restore minimize windows WINKey + Shift + M
Open Microsoft Explorer WINKey + E
Open RUN windows WINKey + R
Cycle open programs on taskbar WINKey + Tab
Search Find feature WINKey + F
Search for Computers WINKey + Ctrl + F
Windows help WINKey + F1
Open utility manager WINKey + U
Help F1
Rename selected item F2
Find from Desktop F3
Open drive selection when browsing F4
Refresh contents F5
spell check selected document F7
Save as F12
Delete permanently Shift + Del
Go to beginning of document Ctrl +  Home
Go to  End of document Ctrl +  End
Go to one page Up of document Pg Up
Go to one page Down of document Pg Dn
Paste Shift + Ins
New file or Blank Document    Ctrl +  N
Open file or Document  Ctrl +  O
Find and replace Ctrl +  G
Find and Replace options Ctrl +  H
Thesaurus activate Shift +  F7
Indent right side  Ctrl +  M
Indent that dangles Ctrl +  T
Font Options Ctrl +  D
Change the font Ctrl + Shift +  F
Increase selected font Ctrl + Shift+ >
Decrease selected font Ctrl + Shift+  <
Increase selected font Ctrl +  ]
Decrease selected font Ctrl +  [
View hide non printing characters Ctrl +  Shift + *
Change case of selected text shift + F3
Open properties selected items Alt + Enter
Right-click on selected items Shift + F10
Save Shift +  F12
Insert current date Alt + Shift + D
Insert current time  Alt + Shift + T
Close document Ctrl +  W
Open Task manager    Ctrl + Alt + Delete
Remove a Split Window or Split Window   Alt + Ctrl + S
View Print Layout Ctrl + Alt + V
Outline View Ctrl + Alt + O
Draft View Ctrl + Alt + N
View Print Preview Ctrl + F2
Opens Tell me whatyou want to do Box Alt + Q
Refresh the Selected Field F9
Selects a Column Ctrl + Shift + 8
Erase Character to the Right Delete
Erase Character to the Left Backspace
Paste Spike Contents Ctrl + Shift + F3
Copy Header or Footer Alt + Shift + R
Apply Double Underline Ctrl + Shift + D
Subscript Formatting Ctrl + “=”
Superscript Formatting Ctrl + Shift + “+”
Uppercase Ctrl + Shift + A
Lowercase Ctrl + Shift + K
Removes Manual Formatting Ctrl + Space
Increase Indent Level of Paragraph Ctrl + M
Decrease Indent Level of Paragraph Ctrl + Shift + M
Single Spacing Between Two Lines Ctrl + 1
Double Spacing Between Two Lines Ctrl + 2
1.5 Line Spacing Between two Lines Ctrl + 5
Remove one line Spacing Ctrl + 0
Cancel a command Esc
Preview the mail merge Alt + Shift + K
Merge a document Alt + Shift + N
Edit a mail-merge data Alt + Shift + E
Insert a merge field Alt + Shift + F
merge and unmerge cell Center in Excel                                 Alt + H + MC
format painter in Excel Alt + H + FP
Home menu in Excel Alt + H
Bold in Excel  Alt + H + 1
Italics in Excel  Alt + H + 2
Underline  single in Excel  Alt + H + 3 + U
Underline  Double in Excel Alt + H + 3 + D
Font change in Excel Alt + H + FF
Border in Excel     Alt + H + B
Font size change in Excel Alt + H + FS
merge and Un_merge cell Across in Excel Alt + H + MA
merge and Un_merge cell in Excel Alt + H +MM
Un_merge cell in Excel Alt + H + MU
 Wrap Text in Excel Alt + H + W
 Top Align Alt + H + AT
 Middle Align Alt + H + AM
 Bottom Align Alt + H + AB
 Align Left Alt + H + AL
 Align Center Alt + H + AC
 Align Right Alt + H +AR
Short & Filter in Excel Alt + H + S + F
To Run Quick Setting menu WINKey + A
Quick access to System Tray WINKey + B
Microsoft Teams WINKey + C
Quick desktop display WINKey + D
Open File Explorer WINKey + E
Open Feedback Hub WINKey + F
To Open Xbox Game bar WINKey + G
To Open Execute voice typing WINKey + H
To Open settings WINKey + I
To Open Connect from the Quick Settings section WINKey + K
To Move to Lock Screen WINKey + L
For Minimize a window  WINKey + M
To Open Notifications Panel WINKey + N
To Open Projection Mode Change WINKey + P
To Open search with one click WINKey + Q
To Open Run Menu WINKey + R
To Browse active programs in Taskbar WINKey + T
To Open Clipboard History WINKey + V
To Open news, feeds, favorites WINKey + W
To Open menu of the Start option WINKey + X
To Select Row in Excel Shift + Space
To Select Column in Excel Ctrl + Space

Hold the Alt key for a moment to take note of the Ribbon’s shortcut keys in Microsoft Word and Excel and then press the highlighted letter and pressing the highlighted letter as shown in the image one by one will the key about using the options shown in the menu options. So that it can be used as a shortcut key and in doing so information about advanced shortcut keys can be obtained.
Short-Cut-Keys,Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z,100 shortcut keys,Computer shortcut keys list

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અમારી સાથે જોડાઓ

 Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z | Computer shortcut keys list | 100 shortcut keys of computer pdf

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